BP-40 burnishing machine

BP-40 burnishing machine


product description£º

BP-40 burnishing machine


1¡¢voltage£ºthree-phase AC 380¡À10%

2¡¢frequency: 50HZ¡À1%

3¡¢installed capacity: 50KW

4¡¢model: BP-40( Centerless lathe can also be called peeling machine£©

5¡¢processing length: 3m-10m

6¡¢processing range: ¡Ó10-40 (finished product size)

7¡¢turning speed: 300-1100r/min

8¡¢feed speed: 0-15m/min

9¡¢turning tolerance: h9-h11

10¡¢turning depth: 0.4-3mm

11¡¢Surface roughness: Ra1.6

12¡¢Out of roundness£º¡Ü0.05

13¡¢Surface hardness: HB180-320

14¡¢ straightness: 1¡ë

15¡¢main motor power: 30KW(Frequency control of motor speed)

16¡¢Sandwiched pumping motor£º3KW*5

17¡¢feed and discharge shelf length: 6M

18¡¢ chip removal automatically

19¡¢ weight: 9T (reference weight)


     constituent part: main motor, feed and discharge shelf ,feed roller,hydraulic pressure station,electric control cabinet,feeding and discharging of the machine can be automatically and manually,feed size is controlled by electric


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